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Berkeley Physics Course

Berkeley Physics Course is a lecture course in physics of UC Berkeley professors, first published by Mcgraw-Hill College in 1965 (Vol. I and II).

* Mechanics. Vol. 1 by Charles Kittel, Walter Knight, Malvin A. Ruderman, Authors, J. A. Lewis, Reviewer

* Electricity and Magnetism. Vol. II by Edward M. Purcell

* Waves. Vol. III by Frank S. Crawford, Jr.

* Quantum physics. Vol IV by Eyvind H. Wichmann

* Statistical Physics. Vol. V by Frederick Reif, Author and R. A. Sevenich, Reviewer (See also List of textbooks in statistical mechanics)


* http://www.mcgraw-hill.co.uk/html/0070049084.html

* Vol.5

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