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Gustav Mie (September 29, 1869 Rostock – February 13, 1957 Freiburg im Breisgau) was a German physicist. He was a professor at Greifswald University from 1902 until 1917, when he accepted a position at Halle University. In 1924 he moved to Freiburg University where he retired.

He first worked in theoretical physics, but later published work also in experimental physics. In 1908 he published a ground-breaking article on light scattering in matter. Its theoretical foundation is the scattering created by spherical metal particles which can be solved with formal rigor, and is today called Mie scattering.

A crater on Mars was named in his honor.

Books of G. Mie (German)

  • Lehrbuch der Elektrizität und des Magnetismus. Enke-Verlag, 1948
  • Die Grundlagen der Mechanik. Enke-Verlag, 1950
  • Die göttliche Ordnung in der Natur. Furche-Verlag, 1946


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