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In mathematics, particularly matrix theory, a Stieltjes matrix, named after Thomas Joannes Stieltjes, is a real symmetric positive definite matrix with nonpositive off-diagonal entries. A Stieltjes matrix is necessarily an M-matrix. Every n×n Stieltjes matrix is invertible to a nonsingular symmetric nonnegative matrix, though the converse of this statement is not true in general for n > 2.

From the above definition, a Stieltjes matrix is a symmetric invertible Z-matrix whose eigenvalues have positive real parts. As it is a Z-matrix, its off-diagonal entries are less than or equal to zero.
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When k = n or n−1 we saw in the previous section that Vk(Fn) is a principal homogeneous space, and therefore diffeomorphic to the corresponding classical group. These are listed in the table at the right.

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