Topology (journal)

Topology is a distinguished mathematical journal publishing scholarly articles related to topology and geometry. It is published by Elsevier and was founded by J.H.C. Whitehead.

At August 10, 2006, after months of unsuccessful negotiations with Elsevier about the price policy of library subscriptions, the entire editorial board of the journal handed in their resignation, with effect from 31 December, 2006.[1] [2]

Two more issues will appear in 2007 with papers accepted before the resignation of the editors [3]. In early January the resigned editors instructed Elsevier to remove their names from the website of the journal [4]. Elsevier has refused to comply, justifying their decision by saying that the editor board will remain on the journal until all papers accepted by the board have been published. The old editors have now announced the launch of the Journal of Topology, run under the auspices of the London Mathematical Society at a far lower price.[1]


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