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1976 — Alex Shlyakhter uses samarium ratios from the Oklo prehistoric natural nuclear fission reactor in Gabon to show that some laws of physics have remained unchanged for over two billion years

Walter Fiers and his team determine the complete nucleotide-sequence of bacteriophage MS2-RNA

27 February 1976 discovery of 3004 Knud

1 April 1976 discovery of 2312 Duboshin, 2606 Odessa and 4165 Didkovskij

2 May 1976 discovery of 2625 Jack London

26 August 1976 discovery of 2668 Tataria

30 August 1976 discovery of 2645 Daphne Plane

24 September 1976 discovery of 2323 Zverev

15 October 1976 discovery of 2313 Aruna

16 December 1976 discovery of 2669 Shostakovich, 3052 Herzen and 5361 Goncharov


1 February 1976 Death of Werner Karl Heisenberg

4 March 1976 Death of Walter Hermann Schottky in Pretzfeld, West Germany

26 September 1976 Death of Lavoslav (Leopold) Stjepan Ruzicka

5 October 1976 Death of Lars Onsager


Nobel Prize

Physics to Burton Richter and Samuel Chao Chung Ting "for their pioneering work in the discovery of a heavy elementary particle of a new kind"

Chemistry to William Nunn Lipscomb, Jr. "for his studies on the structure of boranes illuminating problems of chemical bonding"

Physiology or Medicine to Baruch S. Blumberg and D. Carleton Gajdusek "for their discoveries concerning new mechanisms for the origin and dissemination of infectious diseases"

Popular Science Mar 1976


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