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Telescopes of the southern European observatory in Chile have detected for the first time a visible source of gravitational waves as a result of a fusion of two neutron stars. The cataclysmic sequels of this type of fusion called "kilonovas", dispersed in the universe heavy elements like gold and platinum. This discovery confirms that short-lived bursts of gamma rays are generated by the fusion of neutron stars and has been possible thanks to a global collaboration of both the ESO observatory and other international facilities. For more information, Credit: ESO (European Southern Observatory).

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Leonardo da Vinci Machines - An exhibition of genius, 2013

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Skulls of Homo erectus founds iu Dmanisi, southern Georgia may modifiy current knowledge of human evolution

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The Preparation of Illustrations for Reports of the United States Geological Survey, John L. Ridgway

Volcanoes: Past and Present, Edward Hull

The Wonder Book of Volcanoes and Earthquakes, Edwin J. Houston

Medieval Medicine, James J. (James Joseph) Walsh

American Weasels, E. Raymond Hall

Illustrated Index of British Shells, George Brettingham Sowerby

Earthworms and their Allies, by Frank E. Beddard

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